Sunday, March 21, 2010

bi-cuspid aortic valve

The complication in me joining the Army Reserve, is my heart! I was born with a Bi-cuspid aortic valve. It is not a disease, and has minor effects on a persons life. The condition is where there are only two flaps on the aortic valve in the heart. There is risk of leaking, or increased infection risk with age, or possibly by a direct hit to the heart. According to the black guide line book for the Army, this condition is waiver-able. So Sgt. A. Smith of the Recruiting office in Cedar Rapids, sent a waiver to get into the service to MEPS in Des Moines. Although, it was a fifty-fifty chance of being waivered. Unfortunately the waiver was rejected by the doctors at MEPS. A couple days after Sgt Smith, and Hatfeild sent the waiver to Des Moines, i received a letter in the mail informing me of my medical disqualification. Needless to say, i was pretty upset, rather heart broken. I have always had trouble trying to figure out what i wanted to do for my life, and i considered the military my place in life. I felt l lost, and out of place. I didn't know what to do next. So, I then texted Sgt Smith asking him what i could do next, at the time he said he would see what he could do, and inform me later. Later that week, i was at the Lindale mall, i ran into Sgt Smith. He then informed me that he sent my waiver to the Surgeon General in Washington D.C to have him look over my waiver. Two days later, i was informed by the Cedar Rapids recruiting office that the waiver was currently sitting on the Surgeon Generals desk, and that any day i would receive a reply. Finally, the good news arrived weeks later. I was informed that the Attorney Surgeon decided that If i show the cardiologist my medical records, and if he thinks that there is a chance he will let me into the military with my heart, we will do an echo-cardiogram. An echo-cardiogram is basically an ultrasound for the heart. It sends waves out that bounce off the heart and come back as a picture, just like an ultrasound. Echo, is short for echo-cardiogram. I have had five echos in my lifetime. The doctors figured out i had this when i was in for a routine physical, and they noticed a heart murmur, and decided to have it checked out via an echo. I have an appointment with Dr. Ziddagren, a cardiologist in Cedar Rapids for April 13th. That is w hen i find out whether i will start my career right away with the Army Reserve, or if i have to try to find away around the system. My hopes are that I'm able to join. All i can do now is wait and hope!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Army Reserve

I currently am working on enlisting in the United States Army Reserve. I am choosing the Reserve at the moment, because I am wanting to finish a few years, if not all four years of college. I am Junior in high school right now, if the enlisting process goes well, and i am able to get in before this summer, i will be sent off to boot camp the summer before senior year. Reasons for joining the military have been buzzing around in my head. I have come to believe, the few main reasons have to do with pride, and myself. The pride portion is the pride i have in my country, and the desire to serve, and protect the great nation i call home. The part about myself, could be more harder to understand. i want to join, to help myself become better. The military is a challenge, in mental, emotional, and physical capacities. I want to make myself a better person in all those aspects, i want experience, thrill, a sense of good. I feel that the Army Reserve would give this all to me. So assuming all goes well, and i get in, my plan would be to go active duty once i finish college.

The Reserve is much like the National Guard, but only way better. You have the same benefits, and such as the Guard, but, unlike the Guard, the Reserve is federally run, so the money doesn't run out. You have to drill one weekend per month with your unit. They pay fully for your college and give you other financial aid. There are many different jobs one could take in the Reserve. Such as Military Police, supply man, technician, and many more. I personally am interested in the supply part of the service. This includes supplying soldiers and units with items ranging from food, to artillery. I am working on enlisting right now, hoping things go well, although... i have ran into a few complications already. I am hoping, and looking forward to boot camp!