Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Future plans

As of right now, i have plans to find out more about both careers that i just blogged about. As i mentioned in the last blog about construction, i plan on working for a family friend, who works in construction. Also, as i mentioned before, i tried to work for him last year, but it was too late in the summer for me to get a job. His name is Mr. Bushman, and i am fairly certain i will be able to get a job, i have the strength to be a construction worker, and the drive to do so. If i can get a job working construction, i will be able to see if i actually enjoy that type of work, which, i asume i will. Also, i plan to ask Mr. Bushman about being a private contractor, get some important, and needed information on that subject to give me more knowledge about what i might do. In order to find out more about being a policeman, I am hoping to be able to do the job shadowing oppertoonity that John F. Kennedy High School provides for students. I would job shadow being a police. I want to know more about what some of their jobs are, and other information that might sway my opinion and want for the job in either way. I believe knowing about your career is extremely important, almost as important as enjoying the job you do. I believe the three most important things in choosing a career are, 1. you must be passionate about whatever you may choose, 2. know what you are getting into, do not just randomly choose something you think you like with out knowing about what that job does exactly, and 3. the stability and pay of the job are also important. For example, if you take a job, that no one knows about, and it is not really needed, there will always be the possibility of you not having a job in the near future. That is why i like the two choices i have right now. There will always be a need for policeman, and also construction workers.

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