Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More thoughts

With each day that goes by, i think of more and more of things i want to do with my life. I am still very high on my two previous options, a policeman, and a construction contractor. Although, i am pretty set on these two optionsm, A third one has opened up. It is not a dream job that many people may think of. It is nothing like being a professional baseball player, or a executive president of some huge bussiness like Microsoft, it is, however a good paying job. The job i am thinking about is a counsilor, or a therapist. The only reason i am considering this job, is because over the past week, i have been "counsiling" a friend in trouble. I thought i was just beign a good friend, but according to her, i helped her so much. She just went through a horrible break up, of a two year relationship i think. She was living with him, and there were, complications. She texted me asking for help. And i guess she said i sounded like a therapist, and that i knew what i was talking about. Further thought, and questions went into this career choice. I had asked my mom, and she said it could be entirely possible of me being a therapist. Our families closest friends, the man of the house was a private therapist, had his own, bussiness or whatever it is called. Although it ended really bad, because he was... not very organized, and had troubles with the U.S treasury department. I have not yet looked into what kind of schooling i will need to take in college, and what classes, and what degree i would need in order to pursue this job.

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