Wednesday, April 7, 2010


A lot of thought has gone into what I want my career to be. I think I have narrowed it down to just two things I want to blog about. The first choice, being a policeman. Reasons for why I would like to be a cop, is because it is very active, and interactive. I want to make what ever town or state I live in, to be a safe place for my wife, and children. That is a main reason to be a cop for me, the activeness, and safety for my family. It has a lot of the same aspects as the military, such as physical and mental fitness, the same sorts of training, and the abundance of different possible job titles. I could do anything from E.O.D (explosive ordinance disposal), to prison guard, to CSI (crime scene investigator), to highway patrol, to state trooper, to policeman, and much, much more. Those six options are just the ones that caught my eye. The top three, would have to be E.O.D, CSI, or just a regular policeman. I know that most likely, my mom, and wife, would disagree with the E.O.D, because one, it can be extremely dangerous, and with my personality, I would probably just blow stuff up for the hell of it. I was actually looking into E.O.D for the Army Reserve, so it would be a lot like what if wanted in the Army. E.O.D deals with the bomb threats, and anything to do with explosives. If you have seen "the Hurt Locker", you will know what im talking about. I also think that being a CSI would be a fun, and exciting job. I am sure we have all seen CSI, or the many other forms of it, like CSI Miami, and such, so you know what it is all about already. It would be just what I want for a career. It has something different with each job, activeness, and it would require me to be into my work, it would be a challenge, and let me tell you, I love challenges. Finally, my third choice, would to be a regular everyday cop. The ones who deal with crimes, and disturbences calls. Well as much as I think all three of these are extremely important, and sound exciting, i still have a year and a half to decide which one i would do as a career.

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