Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More construction...

Construction like is is one of the things i woudl be interested in. I remember when i was a kid i had those little tonka trucks. I had all the different kinds of construction trucks. I would pretend to be a construction workere working on some huge, important project. I have always been interested in big machines. Such as the trucks in the video. But, construction with big vehicles is not the only kind of construction i am interested in. I want to build houses, buildings, work with my hands, do digging, lifting, all the varieties out there, I want to do. Right now there are three possibilities for construction jobs i can do over the summer. My parents know two private contractors who would most likely be willing to employ me, also one of my friends, and his dad do flooring in houses, and buildings. He said his dad would be willing to have me help out. Anything i can do to get experience would be helpful. I am looking forward to finding out what i will be able to do. I do not however plan to quit my job at Hy-Vee over the summer, just only work a day or two a week, and the rest on what ever construction job i might be able to get. As for now, all i can do is look for a job, but there is nothing i can do in the way of working at the moment. There are two main reasons I have to wait. The first is my broken hand is still not fully healed, i have surgery on Friday to remove the pin, and i will have stitches for ten days to two weeks. I am not able to work until may 10th, for the first time in three months. The other reason is school, it is way to time consuming and important to skip, plus my parents wouldnt like me skipping. I have to wait until school is over to start working a construction job. That and most provate contractors dont start hiring teens until summer starts. We will see what the future holds, and how the jobs may go.

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