Wednesday, April 28, 2010

High speed chase

One reason i want to be a policeman, is the thrill, the experience, the danger, the feeling of good. One thing that policeman have in common with the military is mental illness. Well not neccisarily illness, but what ever choice you make, will never leave your memory. Maybe guilt is a better choice in some cases. For example people in military have to take therapy after returning from war, to help them cope with the death and destruction they saw while there. Well police have the same thing. Many officers see things from car accidents, or homocides that no one should have to see. I want to be put in that position, so i can learn to cope, and become a stronger person in the end. Cops have to make big decisions, sometimes with only a second of thought. Somethings they decide to do, come back and bite them in the butt, some make them heroes. I have always like to be put in a position to make a quick decision, i want to be there, and do what is right. Like in a high speed chase, there are many things you can do. You can shoot out the tires, call for back up, set up a road block, or spike strip, or straight out slam them. What ever decision is made, it can affect your life forever. If you slam them, there is a chance you kill them, and possibly you, but... if you dont stop them, they can be a danger to both themselves, and everyone else on the road. There are times that you cant do anything about it. Like in the article i was reading, about a high speed chase. It was his first high speed chase. He and the other patrol men were just standing around having coffee, when two motorcycles cam barrelling by at high speeds. In the end, the result had nothing to do with anything they did. The one cyclist hit a telephone poll around a curve, thus, throwing him off, and him gettin hit with shrapnol, resulting in a death. They did not do anything to cause this death, although, they were accused by a judge, of killing him. She said if they hadn't of chased him, he would still be alive. Well if he would not of broken the law, he would still be alive today.

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